Barry Davison

CEO, Alta Gracia Apparel

Barry Davison is CEO of Alta Gracia Apparel. Founded in 2010, Alta Gracia, located in Villa Altagracia in the Dominican Republic, is the only certified Living Wage apparel manufacturer in the developing world. We produce and distribute high-quality lifestyle apparel while paying the people making our clothing a Living Wage that is three times industry standards. A Living Wage allows our employees to provide themselves and their families with life’s necessities: health care, education, food, housing, transportation and more.

Alta Gracia is certified by the Workers Right Consortium (WRC). The WRC audits the Alta Gracia factory on a regular basis to ensure fair working conditions and living wages are met.

My Sessions

Promotional products create an opportunity for universities and other entities to showcase their core values. Building on years of driving change through licensing, universities are now taking the lead in opting for high-road, living-wage production for the estimated 100 million T-shirts that they buy and distribute per year.

Worker Impact