Karl Bruskotter

Sustainable Procurement Advisor, City of Santa Monica

Karl Bruskotter has served as the Sustainable Procurement Advisor for the City of Santa for 19 years. He has focused on developing and implementing the City’s sustainable procurement, toxics-use reduction, and sustainable food policies and programs. Karl has helped the City of Santa Monica establish one of the more reputable and credible sustainable procurement programs in the country. Prior to joining the City of Santa Monica, Karl enjoyed a diverse professional career in the environmental, health and safety field working in the private sector. Karl holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Environmental and Occupational Health.

My Sessions

In this session, you’ll hear how local governments and states are deploying new training and education strategies to increase the effectiveness of their jurisdiction’s sustainable purchasing programs. These include the development of short product-specific Green Purchasing Easy Guides, the creation of online training modules, and the pilot testing of a multi-jurisdictional training program to increase … read more >>

Success Stories from Public Sector Sustainability Leaders