Nathan Sparks

Founder & Consulting Partner, SEE Sustainable Solutions

Nathan Sparks, Consulting Partner and Founder of SEE Sustainable Solutions, Inc. supports firms in the assessment and transformation of supply chains with solutions that maximize value and mitigate risk. With a solid understanding of how natural and human resources achieve commerce, we can act more wisely in achieving near term goals, and set strategic action plans for sustainability.

For over 25 years, Nathan Sparks led supply chain and market development teams for what is now AT&T. With national responsibilities, Nathan created open atmospheres for assessment and inspired transformative growth through technology and continuous improvement projects. Nathan led the digitization of consumer products, accelerated broadband internet access, mobilized the internet with smartphones, and advanced sustainability in the value chain.

My Sessions

Assessing and mitigating risks in the supply chain is an emerging value lever of sustainable procurement. The COVID-19 crisis has put everyone’s resilience to the test and exemplifies this interplay. This session explores: Risk and sustainability data and indicators – many of which were exposed in this crisis; how these indicators are used in procurement … read more >>

From Supply Chains to Value Networks: Risk, Resilience, Collaboration, and Sustainability