Stephanie LeClerc

Program Manager for Sustainable Procurement, McGill University

Stéphanie H. Leclerc is McGill University’s Program Manager for Sustainable Procurement. She is guiding the University’s efforts to develop a more sustainable supply chain by taking account of social, environmental, and ethical principles. Together with the University’s Sustainable Procurement Core Team, a diversified group of stakeholders representing administration staff, faculty members, and students, she has developed and is overseeing implementation of the University’s Sustainable Procurement Strategic Plan. As part of her work, she trained University buyers to apply lifecycle thinking to their decision-making, she led the development of the University’s Supplier Code of Conduct, and managed the collaborative drafting and rollout of policies and procedures for the sound management of University assets, in accordance with circularity principles.
Stéphanie holds an M.A. in Political Science (McGill), a Graduate Diploma in Management and Sustainability (HEC Montréal), and is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Environmental Policy and Planning in the McGill School of Urban Planning. She is also course lecturer in Industrial Ecology and Systems in McGill University’s Faculty of Engineering.
Before joining McGill’s Procurement Services, Stéphanie worked for various governmental agencies, international organisations, and consulting firms in areas pertaining to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. She is a member of the Green Electronic Council’s EPEAT Advisory Council and was a member of the Standards Council of Canada’ Technical Committee on the ISO 20400 (Sustainable procurement) Guidance.

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Two purchasers from municipal and higher ed organizations share how they got approval to participate in standards development/update efforts, experiences with engaging, benefits to their organization, lessons learned on how to maximize impact efficiently. why standards and ecolabels are helpful to purchasers

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