Program Overview









Pre-event Hangout, Orientation and Exhibit Hall

11:00am – 12:00pm ET


Locations: Lobby, Premier Exhibit Hall, Exhibit Hall, Networking Lounge





Available 60 min before live event







Enter the Virtual environment to chat with others, complete your profile, explore the Virtual Exhibit Hall, Learning Lounges, and other areas.


12:00pm – 1:30pm ET


Location of Plenaries: Theater

90 min


Day 1 Plenary: Build Back Better

-Ralph Moore

-Ted Howard


Moderated Conversation


Day 2: Plenary

-Jonathan Foley, Project Drawdown

-Sr. Simone Campbell, NETWORK


Climate Action Conversation

Moderated by George Hodge of CDP


-Anand Narasimhan, Microsoft

-Marisa Buchanan, JP Morgan Chase

-Lisa Brady, Cisco



SPLC Member Meeting & Non-Member Programming


SPLC members – join us for our first annual Summit SPLC Member Meeting!


Member Meeting Location: Networking Lounge

Not an SPLC member? Use this time to learn more about an SPLC Membership at the SPLC Booth, listen to a breakout session recording from earlier in the week, visit the Exhibit Halls, and/or compete in our Games selections for a prize!



Exhibit Hall Break

1:30pm – 2:00pm ET


Location: Premier Exhibit Hall & Exhibit Hall


30 min





Visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall to learn about sustainable suppliers’ goods and services, live chat with exhibitors, watch informative pre-recorded presentations, and more!


Breakout Sessions

2:00pm – 3:30pm ET

Choose one track, or change tracks at the break between panels


Location: Theater


90 min

(5 min break at 40 min)




The SDGs and Sustainable Procurement: Making the Connection

SDGs and Procurement – from Alignment to Execution

Go Farther Together: Leveraging Industry Collaboration to Accelerate Sustainable Purchasing

Leveraging supply chain data/transparency to identify, avoid, and mitigate risk

Buildings & Sustainable Purchasing Policies from an Owner’s Perspective

Closing the Transparency Loop

Inspiration from the Built Environment to Sustainable Procurement in Laboratories




Maintaining Sustainability in a Public Health Crisis

The Next Wave of Green Cleaning Procurement

Institutions as Conscious Food Consumers: Proven strategies to increase your purchase of local, sustainable food

The Case for Leading on Long Term Sustainability in Food Serviceware and Packaging

Quantifying Embodied Carbon




Real Impact: Changing Lives Through Supply Chain Responsibility

Paving a High Road for Promotional Apparel


Analytics + Intentional Relationships: A Formula for Diversifying Suppliers

Reinventing Supplier Diversity by Focusing on Community-Building and the Health of the Small Business Ecosystem

How to Shape Sustainability Standards and Ecolabels to Meet Purchaser Needs: Purchaser Perspectives

Maximizing Purchaser Influence on Sustainability Standards: Considering Future Approaches




Build Back Better: Keynote Speaker Conversation


Location: Topical Discussion Lounge

Measuring and verifying circularity in purchasing

Circular Procurement of IT – how can we get from theory to practice?

Success stories from local government sustainability leaders

Achieving sustainable purchasing success through training and education


Exhibit Hall Break

3:30pm – 3:45pm ET


Location: Premier Exhibit Hall & Exhibit Hall


15 min





Visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall to learn about sustainable suppliers’ goods and services, live chat with exhibitors, watch informative pre-recorded presentations, and more

Multi-Choice Sessions

3:45pm – 4:45pm ET


Location of Workshops: Interactive Workshop Lounge

60 min

Innovation Accelerator Roundtables


Location: Innovation Hall



Circular Procurement Learning Circle Chat


Location: Topical Discussion Lounge



Workshop: Sustainable Purchasing 101: What exactly is sustainability and sustainable purchasing?

Workshop: Setting Sustainable Purchasing Goals and Metrics

Workshop: The Power of Procurement: Engaging and activating critical allies for climate action

Workshop: PG&E Supplier Diversity Prime Supplier Program

Workshop: The UN SDGs are 10 years away, what can you do to contribute?


Workshop: Healthier, Safer Foodware Options: Solutions to Toxic Chemicals and Waste


Workshop: Leveraging the Buying Power of Universities for Sustainable Procurement and Market Transformation


Live Reception

4:45pm – 5:45pm ET


60 min



Grab a refreshment of your choice and return to the conference space for a number of great choices to end your day!


  • Continue Breakout Session discussions with peers in a live, Zoom-based discussion in the TOPICAL DISCUSSION LOUNGE
  • Relax in a live, Zoom-based informal gathering by attending the Virtual Reception in the NETWORKING LOUNGE
  • Visit the exhibit booths you may have missed earlier in the day in the PREMIER EXHIBIT HALL AND EXHIBIT HALL  
  • Or simply listen to recordings from earlier in the day in the THEATER or INNOVATION HALL