Go Farther Together: Leveraging Industry Collaboration To Accelerate Sustainable Purchasing


Establishing a successful sustainable supply chain program can be a daunting task to face alone, and leaders are increasingly seeking to collaborate with other organizations in their industries to drive progress. The most proactive are creating “Industry/sector initiatives”. This panel brings together leading initiatives in both B2B and consumer sectors to share best practice perspectives on their goals, challenges, achievements, and inspiration.

Key learning goals:

– What are the common CSR challenges and opportunities identified for collaboration?

– How does industry collaboration in sustainable supply chain work? What are the key mechanisms, tools, shared practices, or content.

– What structure is used (e.g. How to manage governance, legal aspects, and coordination, etc.)

– What is the progress to date, and the benefits and value created for purchasers of participating in industry collaboration on sustainable supply?

– How do suppliers benefit? How does it increase engagement?

Together for Sustainability is a non-profit organization created in 2011 with a vision to develop and establish a standardized global program to support sustainability performance in the chemical industry’s supply chain.  Among their now 23 members, Brenntag has been a member of Together for Sustainability since 2016, the first chemical distributor to become a member.

From Supply Chains to Value Networks: Risk, Resilience, Collaboration, and Sustainability