Build Back Better: Keynote Speaker Conversation

Topical Discussion Lounge

While the COVID-19 pandemic exposes the fissures in our social fabric, the fragility of extended supply chains, and the inequitable distribution of resources and power, this crisis also offers an unparalleled opportunity for a massive shift to new ways of doing business focused on resilience and social cohesion. Sourcing locally for reliability and community development, treating small producers fairly to build economic security, reconsidering first cost procurement in light of the much more complex valuation of total cost – these approaches could prevent the types of supply chain disruption, materials scarcity, and unequal economic harm we are seeing today. Join SPLC’s CEO, Donna Westerman, and Summit mainstage speakers, Ralph Moore and Ted Howard, for a conversation about the ways we can turn today’s crisis into opportunity.

Learning from COVID19: A Conversation