Day 2 Plenary: Community, Collaboration, and Climate


Today’s main stage discussion will focus on the ways in which the current crisis has shone a light on aspects of our society that many preferred to ignore, and the ways that business, government, and society can most effectively move to confront the even more massive climate crisis that looms ahead.  Sister Simone Campbell of the Nuns on the Bus will discuss how the cracks in the social fabric revealed by the pandemic have been hiding in plain sight all along. Jonathan Foley of the climate action organization Project Drawdown will talk about embracing the most effective solutions to climate change to the benefit of both environment and society. George Hodge of the Climate Disclosure Project will moderate a panel of purchasers and suppliers who will discuss how collaboration and cooperation through the value chain are critical to addressing climate and carbon emissions reductions at the scale needed for impact. Panelists to include:

  • Anand Narasimhan, Microsoft
  • Marisa Buchanan, JP Morgan Chase
  • Lisa Brady, Cisco