Johanna Anderson

Member Success Manager, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

As Member Success Manager, Johanna works directly with SPLC members to develop and implement strategic sustainable purchasing programs designed to create a more sustainable world. She also collaborates on the development of resources to support SPLC members in achieving their goals. Prior to joining SPLC, Johanna coordinated the State of Minnesota’s Sustainable Procurement Program for 10 years, assisting the state with making purchases that demonstrated the highest level of environmental, social, and economic responsibility. During her time with the State, she led the development of a charter for the State’s program, increasing the State’s commitment to and accountability for sustainable procurement. She also successfully advocated for including sustainable purchasing in an Executive Order on state agency sustainability. Johanna holds degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and San Francisco State University.

My Sessions

Professionally managed purchasing offers immense leverage to make change at the scale needed to address global warming, and improve many other environmental, social, and economic outcomes. Institutional purchasing of goods and services represents more than $10 trillion of spend in the US each year. And every contract that a corporation, government, university or health system … read more >>

Workshop - SPLC: Engaging Allies

College campuses are seeking to use purchasing power to drive sustainability goals, yet lack the leverage, as single institutions, to shift supplier behaviors. This workshop aims to identify strategic areas that colleges and universities can work together on to drive sustainable procurement. Workshop activities include: • Strengthening the network of peers in higher education that … read more >>

Workshop - Higher Ed Working Group

Unless you are a sustainability expert, you may not have a solid understanding of the definition of sustainability and what it means to practice sustainability through purchasing. Or, you may be looking for easy ways to explain these concepts to others. Either way, this interactive workshop will help by explaining sustainability in an easy to … read more >>

Workshop - SPLC: Sustainable Purchasing 101