Alyssa McDonald

Program Coordinator, Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement (MCSP)

Alyssa McDonald is sales and marketing professional turned organizational psychology practitionner that aims to foster connectivity, sustainability, and social responsibility in and through business.

Over the past 10 years, she has worked in innovative, purpose-driven businesses, social enterprises and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes – from the UN Office for Partnerships’ IMPACT2030 initiative to car2go, the world’s largest carsharing company and a 2-person tech startup helping neighbours share of tools and other under-utilized household items. Today, she runs Canada’s Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement (MCSP) and brings a wealth of expertise in corporate social responsibility, communications, employee engagement, change management, research and more.

My Sessions

In this session, you’ll hear how local governments and states are deploying new training and education strategies to increase the effectiveness of their jurisdiction’s sustainable purchasing programs. These include the development of short product-specific Green Purchasing Easy Guides, the creation of online training modules, and the pilot testing of a multi-jurisdictional training program to increase … read more >>

Success Stories from Public Sector Sustainability Leaders