Chris Geiger

Green Purchasing Program Manager, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Chris Geiger leads the Green Purchasing Program for the San Francisco Department of the Environment, and also manages the Citywide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. Chris has served on a variety of regional and national committees, including the Green Electronic Council’s EPEAT Advisory Committee, the US Green Building Council’s Materials and Resources Technical Advisory Group, the Steering Committee for the Responsible Purchasing Network, and the Board of Directors for the Bay Friendly Landscaping Coalition. His passions are wilderness, music, and travel.

My Sessions

Two purchasers from municipal and higher ed organizations share how they got approval to participate in standards development/update efforts, experiences with engaging, benefits to their organization, lessons learned on how to maximize impact efficiently. why standards and ecolabels are helpful to purchasers

Participating in Standards Development to Shape Standards and Ecolabels that Meet Your Needs