Clare Hobby

Director, Purchaser Engagement Global, TCO Development

Clare Hobby – Director Purchaser Engagement Global, TCO Development

Clare leads global purchaser engagement for TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified, the global independent sustainability certification for IT products. TCO Certified is used by procuring organizations and the IT industry worldwide as a tool for driving environmental and supply chain responsibility into the IT ecosystem. Compliance at the product, supply chain and brand levels is independently verified and delivers the proof that purchasing organizations need to verify sustainability progress. Clare is a member of the SPLC Board and Technical Advisory Group for IT Hardware, the Clean Electronics Production Network, UN Environment’s One Planet network the Canadian Public Procurement Council. She holds Masters degrees from Northwestern University and the University of Melbourne, Australia as well as Executive Education in Sustainability Leadership at Harvard

My Sessions

Purchasers often have difficulty assessing whether their sustainability efforts and criteria have the desired impact deep in global supply chains. In this session, three presenters will report out on successful efforts to drive change in selected supply chains.

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