Joost de Kluijver

Director - Circular Services, Closing the Loop

As the founder and CEO of Amsterdam based social enterprise ‘Closing the Loop‘ (CTL), Joost de Kluijver has developed a service that delivers on the growing demand for simple but effective sustainable purchasing, for phones.

The basis of CTL’s commercial service is a concept referred to as “One-for-One”: an award-winning and widely adopted circular procurement service. Joost will explain why small, large, public and private organisations are using CTL’s ‘material-neutrality’ service to get started on making their purchasing greener. How CTL managed to bring the telecom industry on board. And how these efforts prevented over 2.3 million broken mobile phones from ending up African landfills since 2012.
Joost has also worked at Accenture, GRI and is a seasoned entrepreneur.

My Sessions

Incorporating circular economy principles is the next frontier for IT purchasers wanting to make a sustainability impact through procurement. More than takeback and recycling, the circular economy presents procurement with an important opportunity to include sustainability impact up front, by influencing products design, and material content as well as materials reuse. But how do we … read more >>