Sören Enholm

CEO, TCO Development

Sören Enholm is CEO of TCO Development, the organization behind
TCO Certified, the sustainability certification for IT products. Trusted by IT buyers and
industry worldwide for over 25 years, TCO Certified includes regularly updated, comprehensive
criteria and independent verification, proven to drive social, supply chain, and environmental
responsibility throughout the life cycle of computers and other electronics.
Sören has a lengthy background in the IT industry, having held positions at Sun
Microsystems, Apple and Netscape. He holds a Bachelor of Science in
Computer Science from Uppsala University, Sweden and is a passionate
advocate for IT’s role in a more sustainable world.

My Sessions

Incorporating circular economy principles is the next frontier for IT purchasers wanting to make a sustainability impact through procurement. More than takeback and recycling, the circular economy presents procurement with an important opportunity to include sustainability impact up front, by influencing products design, and material content as well as materials reuse. But how do we … read more >>