Kyle Muncy

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, University of Connecticut

Kyle Muncy is in his 26th year full-time at the University of Connecticut and serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development. Muncy is responsible for creating, developing and maintaining external relationships with corporate partners and vendors. He also continues to be responsible for the management and growth of the Trademark Licensing and Branding portfolio of the University, as he has since December of 2011. He is currently a member of the WRC Board of Directors and served previously on the Monitoring Committee of the FLA. He is also the Chair of the President’s Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility at UConn. From 1993 to 2011, Muncy served in various roles in the Athletic Communications office at UConn, including eight years as the primary contact for football and 17 years working with the men’s basketball program. He is a 1992 graduate of UConn with a B.A. in communications.

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Promotional products create an opportunity for universities and other entities to showcase their core values. Building on years of driving change through licensing, universities are now taking the lead in opting for high-road, living-wage production for the estimated 100 million T-shirts that they buy and distribute per year.

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