Jeannot Schroeder

Founder, Positive ImpaKT

Jeannot earned a PhD in science and did a post graduate in innovation management. He worked in many different roles for the chemical industry for 15 years.
Moved to engineering in construction about 7 years ago. He is working in the area of circular economy since then.
A recognised national expert in Luxemburg and frequent advisor of the government, who is fully inspired by the C2C philosophy.
Co-president of circular economy pillar for the national strategy ( in collaboration with Jeremy Rifkin)

My Sessions

Circularity is increasingly making its way into sustainable purchasing programmes. Purchasers might however find it difficult to concretely define and evaluate the circular attributes of products they purchase. This session will give a practical orientation on best practice standards that are currently being used by purchasers in their day-to-day work and that can provide understanding … read more >>