Crystal Dreisbach

CEO, GreenToGo

Crystal Dreisbach is a solutionary whose life goal is to disrupt the status quo of our take-and-trash economy. She is Executive Director of a non-profit organization called Don’t Waste Durham which creates solutions that prevent trash. Their ReCirculation Project is using IoT technology to redefine supply chain logistics in the recycling industry and close the loop of material resources and manufacturing. She invented and operates GreenToGo, a city-wide reusable takeout container and coffee cup service for restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores. A consultant and public speaker, Crystal has a Master of Public Health degree and is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, the mother of two small boys, and lover of long-distance running.

My Sessions

This session will explore the opportunities and risks of the moment as companies (spurred by customers, legislation, and sustainability goals) reconsider food serviceware and packaging. Speakers will present the business, health, and environmental case for choosing long-term sustainability in serviceware and packaging and offer case studies, guidelines, and other resources.

Strategies for sustainable food procurement, from packaging to supporting local vendors