Sue Chiang

Pollution Prevention Program Director, Center for Environmental Health

Sue Chiang engages public and private purchasers from across sectors (including government, education, health care organizations and corporations) in harnessing their collective buying power to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and expand the market for environmentally preferable products. Her current focus is on hormone disrupting chemicals in consumer products – particularly in food and food packaging. She has over two decades of experience in the environmental health field. Sue received a B.A. degree in environmental science from Barnard College and completed a double-Master’s program at University of California Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and the Graduate School of Public Health, where she was a recipient of the prestigious Switzer Environmental Fellowship.

My Sessions

This session will introduce the health and environmental risks associated with toxic chemicals in single-use food service ware. Participants will learn about the latest research on the use of fluorinated, “non-stick” PFAS chemicals in a wide array of single-use plates, bowls, take-out containers and food trays. These toxic and persistent compounds can contaminate food, water … read more >>

Workshop - Sustainable Foodware

This session will explore the opportunities and risks of the moment as companies (spurred by customers, legislation, and sustainability goals) reconsider food serviceware and packaging. Speakers will present the business, health, and environmental case for choosing long-term sustainability in serviceware and packaging and offer case studies, guidelines, and other resources.

Strategies for sustainable food procurement, from packaging to supporting local vendors